Research shows 84% of the population will have back pain at some point in their life and that 50-70% of this population will have a recurrent episode within the first year. The current treatment methods (symptom treatments) don’t restore functional adaptation to the stabilizing structures of the spine.

DBC Active Spine Care® is the only evidence-based, bio-psychosocial spine functional restoration program identified by the independent reviews of clinical research as the best treatment for back pain and return to work.

As a medical professional, you will find DBC Active Spine Care®:

  • A proven EFFECTIVE program for combining symptom relief and spine functional adaptation in your patients for long-term outcomes.
  • An EFFICIENT value-based standardized program to treat more patients with 50% higher patient satisfaction while saving clinician time
  • A low cost, ECONOMICAL way to reduce upfront costs and clinic overhead while optimizing treatment time.

The DBC Active Spine Care® program is a comprehensive bio-psychosocial functional restoration program for spine pain patients. The DBC methodology incorporates specialized FDA medical devices that isolate the spine and provide an individualized and targeted adaptation response in a safe controlled approach. The copyrighted and published protocol has shown evidence to produce significant long-term reductions in pain, trouble, impairment, and psychosocial issues while increasing strength, range-of-motion, and paraspinal endurance worldwide.

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